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The Butterfly Fund was started because of the need to get involved and to make a difference in the lives of people who truly need it. It originated because of the need for awareness and help of those children who suffer from the horrific disease Epidermolysis Bullosa-also known as EB. 


When we met these children and heard their stories, our hearts were never the same. 

EB children are known as Butterfly Children, due to the fact that their skin is as fragile as a butterflies wings. The Butterfly Fund has since expanded it's hope and is dedicated to helping families who have a child diagnosed with any serious life altering disease or event in their lives. Any child who is FRAGILE is one of our Butterflies.

We help families in many ways including, but not limited to, minimal financial aid, clothing, services and care.

The Butterfly Fund does not discriminate any anyone and everyone who has a child within the US with a serious illness or event, may inquire with us. 

No salaries of any kind are paid. 


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